George Polti's 36 dramatic situations on film with Hannaleena Hauru


Kuvattiin Budapestissä 7.12.-10.12.2010.


7D EI OO MUN JUTTU (10.12.2010)

Budapest. Kadonnut miespääosaesittäjä. Re-Casting. Mietitääns tää homma uudestaan. 7D ei taivu kuten haluan. Materiaalia lähes 10 tuntia.

Jokainen elokuva on itseään toteuttava ennustus. Ohjaajan haltuunotto epäonnistui näyttelijän suhteen.


Hannaleena Hauru (ohjaus/kuvaus/leikkaus)

Tanja Heinänen ja  Synes Elischka (näytteljät)



(A Solicitor and an Adversary Who Is Refusing, or
an Arbitrator and Opposing Parties.)

Diplomacy and eloquence here come into play. An
end is to be attained, an object to be gained. What
interests may not be put at stake, what weighty
arguments or influences removed, what intermediaries
or disguises may be used to transform anger into
benevolence, rancor into renouncement; to put the
Despoiler in the place of the Despoiled? What mines
may be sprung, what counter-mines discovered ! what
unexpected revolts of submissive instruments! This
dialectic contest which arises between reason and
passion, sometimes subtile and persuasive, sometimes
forceful and violent, provides a fine situation, as natural
as it is original.

A Efforts to Obtain an Object by Ruse or Force:-
the ”Philoctetes” of Aeschylus, of Sophocles and of
Euripides ; the reclamation of the Thebans in ”CEdipus
at Colonus”; ”The Minister’s Ring,” by Vishakadatta.

B Endeavor by Means of Persuasive Eloquence
Alone : ”The Desert Isle,” by Metastasio ; the father’s
attitude in ”Le Fils Naturel” (Dumas), to which Ruse
is soon afterward added; Scene 2 of Act V of Shake-
speare’s ”Coriolanus.”

C Eloquence With an Arbitrator: ”The Judgment
of Arms,” by Aeschylus; ”Helen Reclaimed,” by

One of the cases unused in the theater, notwith-
standing its frequency, is Temptation, already intro-
duced as a part of the preceding situation. The
irritated adversary is here the Defiant; the solicitor,
now the Tempter, has undertaken an unusual negotia-
tion, one for the obtaining of an object which nothing
can persuade the owner to part with ; consequently the
aim must be, gently, little by little, to bewilder, charm
or stupefy him. Eternal role of woman toward man!
and of how many things toward the project of
being a man! Does it not call to mind the hieratic
attitude of the Christian toward Satan, as Flaubert
has illuminated it, with a thousand sparkling lights, in
his ”Temptation of Saint Anthony?”